Strong is the new beautiful. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, more so when it comes to wood and furniture. After all, everyone loves to flaunt and own wonderfully crafted wooden furniture but everyone does know that it comes with a price! Making a stunning looking space is an expensive affair and you generally don’t do it all again and again at the drop of a hat. Moreover, considering the time and energy you invest to get good furniture for yourself in today’s super busy times, it’s only practical to get it all right in the first go and see it last forever. That’s why, not actually the outer beauty but the inner strength of the material used is the trump card of the whole furniture game for it to be long lasting.

We at NIPPONPLY believe in providing our clients with products that score high on strength. Durability of our plywood, veneers, laminates and flush doors are of our utmost priority. We understand the importance of long lasting furniture and that’s exactly why NIPPONPLY never compromises with the core strength of any of its products. When a consumer comes to us to choose and buy from a variety of flush doors, trendy plywood and ravishing veneers, he knows that he can count on us not only for the aesthetics but also for the sturdiness.

We are patronized by eminent architects and interior designers not only for their professional projects but for also their own personal spaces. Those are the kind of testimonials that we cherish the most. Being trusted for the durability and strength of our products is not less than an award in itself for us.