It’s always about taking the first step right, isn’t it? And when it comes to crafting remarkable furniture, what can be more vital than sourcing out the right kind of wood to begin with? Getting the hold of the perfect ply means half the battle won. We at NIPPONPLY have adopted this thumb rule as our central work mantra.

NIPPONPLY is passionate about going to the far away corners to fetch you your most desired and suitable wood. The plywood made out of this exclusively selected raw material is bound to do wonders for your designs and final outcome. Searched and spotted in the forests by the experts and then manufactured by our hand picked specialist manufacturers from different regions, our products  work like a dream for you for the obvious reasons. If you can’t go to the jungles for this quest, well, nevermind! Let NIPPONPLY bring the lovely piece of the jungle to you.

Over the course of 25 years of experience and goodwill, we have established a very competent network of localized plywood manufacturers who work on our specifications in their already established setup. This smart way of working makes us get you the best benefits and most genuine raw material from seven different regions namely Haryana, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala and Burma.

Our fine tuned distribution system and infrastructure are fully computerized and operated by trained staff. Our massive warehousing capacity too makes it easy for us to keep our products available for you all the time. With a system as fine as ours and the commitment just as strong, no land is really all that far for NIPPONPLY. That is why when we source out the ideal wood for you, it is definitely the perfect beginning to an ambitious journey.