Can you tell us a space – a room, an office, a lounge or any such space that has been on your mind lately? A space that you have recently seen and has made you kind of fall in love with it? A space that has impressed you in a beautiful way and you remember it quite fondly? A space so aesthetically appealing that you dream to have one such of your own? Well, we won’t be surprised if this is all because that space had a distinct spark – an appealing STYLE that has swept you off your feet. Who said you can fall in love only with a person?NIPPONPLY creates love stories between people and spaces.

NIPPONPLY contributes quite massively to the style quotient of any space by offering a wide range of wide range of plywood, veneer and flush doors to choose from. Crafting a space out of our Gurjan Plywood, Block Board and Flexiply that’s available in Diamond, Crown and Solitaire category opens up immense possibilities of making furniture that remains evergreen. The other various products – Assam wood, standard wood, solid ply, Burma teak veneers, decorative veneers and more are of quality that’s par excellence. They are available in a variety of categories to fit your requirements like a glove.

Our promise of style doesn’t end there. Yes, there’s something more in store for our clients. In a bid to take the style bit to a newer height, we offer you the option of exclusivity too. We take precise and computerized notes of your specifications and requirements. We pass them on to our particular manufacturer and get your product made exactly according to your order. Isn’t that what you have always wanted to make your space a scene straight out of your wishlist?