They work hard and party harder. They travel around the world, explore what they haven’t and live towards achieving their dreams. We are talking about the Millennials – the young generation. They are the young parents, professionals and business folks who live life in a contemporary gear. Nipponply brings you the wooden interior trends that make the Millennials tick when it comes to creating their kind of space – unique, innovative and functional.

In the fast paced modern lifestyle that’s increasingly drifting away from relaxed and laid back times, the designing of Escape Nooks – be it the cozy reading rooms, comforting family lounges or carefree looking verandas, is becoming popular and important to the Millennial families. The use of natural and earthy material like plywood is quite obvious as it adds that soothing back-to-the-basics feel to these spaces.

The touch of plywood beams adds a defined look to the whole space. The beams are often selected to separate two spaces in a very slick and stylish way. They are also chosen to add a stronger character to the otherwise predictable and plain ceilings. The Millennials love the plywood beams for their minimal yet gorgeous presence in their surroundings.