High Pressure Decorative Laminated Sheets.

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Nipponply Crown laminates offer designs that can be customized and reproduced horizontally or vertically as per your requirements, a pioneering feature in the world of laminates. They come with a wide variety of decor paper, plain color paper and vendor designed papers.

We perform a boiling water test, dry heat resistance test, surface wear test, scratch resistance test, stain resistance test, crack resistance test, steam resistance, and ball impact resistance test. This, in turn, ensures Nipponply Decorative Laminates are wearing resistant, resilient, versatile, elegant and easy to work with.

Nipponply Crown Laminates designs are hand-picked and available in three series:

    Mixing all that’s magnicent, merging all that’s marvelous and creating laminates that existed only in your design dreams rst. Inventing a melange that ts your creative fantasy like a glove and makes your space look quite avant-garde. Here are the laminates that are unique and exclusively designed.
    Keeping up with the trends and in sync with your dynamic choice. The state of the art laminates ooze the catchy and contemporary vibes. Chic and modish, these new age products give your space the desired modern look.
    Call them timeless, call them evergreen. These are the laminates that stay in your hearts forever. Sheets
    of beauty that surpass the idea of time and trend. The collection that will make you beam with pride just the same every single day.
1mm and 1.5mm (+-10%)
Available size
1220 x 2440mm