Nipponply presents its Elite range of Crown Decorative Veneers – the fumed natural veneers. Each and every veneer is inspected individually and then sorted. They are then fumed so as to darken the surface color. This process also makes the surface resistant to aging. Stained dark colored Veneers are very in vogue these days. The process used turns light colored veneers to warm rich chocolate browns. Very few kinds of wood can be processed in this fashion as there is denite level of tannic acid required. This tannic acid reacts with the fuming ammonia to produce the dark hues of brown. The color that the fumed wood takes on due to the fumigation process is to a large degree non-aging and is far more stable to light compared to many other colored types. The fumed wood veneer is also more elastic and less brittle.
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High quality A grade veneers are sourced directly from the manufacturers from the countries of origin ensuring superior quality and variety. In many species, the procurement happens at the logs stage itself where slicing of veneers is also done as per our dened parameters. Well established producers are only selected to ensure slicing is done on high-quality European machines so that the grain structure remains as close to its natural state as possible.

The base ply in Nipponply Decorative Veneers is made of only hardwood species like Gurjan/Keruing (Of Dipterocarpus family) and is 100% sourced from Myanmar (Burma)/Indonesia. The base ply is very accurately calibrated with minimal thickness tolerance and variations. Further, only phenolic resins are used to make the plywood waterproof.

  • Available in Horizontal, Vertical, Mismatch, Bookmatch, Knotty, Rustic, Antique Variations.
  • Available in Crown cut, Quarter cut, Rotary cut, Rift cut, Pommele cut, Burl cut, Crotch cut & Mottled cut.
  • Exclusively available in 10’x4′.

  • Decorative Face
  • 100% Gurjan Platform
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Borer, Fungus & Termite Resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Low Emission
Available size
8’x4′, 4’x8′, 7’x3′, 10’x4′